“One of the best clubhouses” I think this is one of the best clubhouses I’ve ever seen it and it is like living in a five star resort . The quality of the badminton courts, the quality of the gym, the pool, everything is absolutely fantastic. We are just waiting to start using it. “It […]

“It replicated the lifestyle that we were used to in the US.” We had decided to return back home from the United States, and when we came to Bangalore we looked at a few properties here. When I first came to Adarsh Palm Meadows, when I entered, it was a surreal feeling. It was just […]

“The unique design provides natural cooling and natural light.” I have always dreamt of having a home which has open space, proper ventilation and privacy. The unique design of my Adarsh home ensures there is effective cooling, ventilation and natural light throughout the day. It also surrounds some of Bangalore’s finest schools, healthcare institutes, IT […]

“My experience with Adarsh has been extraordinarily good.” I was looking for a flat that felt more like a home. So when I thought of moving into a flat, the first choice of mine was Adarsh and there was no doubt about it. They look at a flat from the customer’s perspective rather than from […]

“We wanted a good gated-community life and Adarsh gave it to us.” After deciding to move into Bangalore we had gone around and looked at many properties. One of the prime reasons for consideration, for us, was that that it had to be a perfect home offering a good gated community life. Sundays are now […]