Adarsh Palm Retreat Villas

June 6th, 2016

We wanted a good gated-community life and Adarsh gave it to us.”

After deciding to move into Bangalore we had gone around and looked at many properties. One of the prime reasons for consideration, for us, was that that it had to be a perfect home offering a good gated community life. Sundays are now spent within this integrated place that all of us live in together. You have a clubhouse, you can swim and you can play a game of tennis or just hang around the place. Sunday evenings are when friends come over and we socialize on the terrace. The three prime features why we chose Adarsh Palm Retreat were the location, the planning that they had in place and the flexibility they gave us to customize our own house. The best part about life at Palm Retreat is that it has a very vibrant and active community life. And they have kept the timelines that they agreed upon, which is very important given the size of the project. Even after we moved in, the maintenance and other aspects, in all, the attention to detail has been there from Adarsh, and that is something that we truly appreciate about Adarsh.

It’s a beautiful house.”

The best feature that I like about my Adarsh Palm Retreat home is how beautiful the house and the garden look. Staying here feels as if we are living in a resort every single day of the year. When my friends and family visit me they just love the lifestyle and the ambience of this place. Lot of them can’t say if they are in abroad or in India, and they just love it. My home buying experience at Adarsh was wonderful, very professional, and Adarsh made sure that all my individual needs were met.


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