Adarsh Palm Retreat Condominiums

March 22nd, 2017

The unique design provides natural cooling and natural light.”

I have always dreamt of having a home which has open space, proper ventilation and privacy. The unique design of my Adarsh home ensures there is effective cooling, ventilation and natural light throughout the day. It also surrounds some of Bangalore’s finest schools, healthcare institutes, IT Parks and shopping complex. The marketing team of Adarsh Developers is very responsive and gives special attention to personal interactions. They took great efforts in understanding our needs and fulfilling the same. Adarsh Developers – they are very customer-centric and they deliver high quality homes with world-class designs.

They have an eye for detail.”

The unique advantage Adarsh Developers has over other developers is the finishing and the eye for detail in each and every apartment. My Palm Retreat home is strategically located in the center of the city. My home buying experience with Adarsh has been absolutely fabulous. Here there’s a beautiful club house, amenities and lot of area for children to play. Adarsh gives you the best-in-class design, quality, and I think any property that you buy from them is absolute value for money.


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