Adarsh Palm Retreat Clubhouse Reviews

January 22nd, 2018

“One of the best clubhouses”

I think this is one of the best clubhouses I’ve ever seen it and it is like living in a five star resort . The quality of the badminton courts, the quality of the gym, the pool, everything is absolutely fantastic. We are just waiting to start using it.

“It has delivered as per our expectations”

Adarsh has delivered what it has promised for us and it has been totally worth the wait. It is an amazing community with excellent facilities here and it has given us a resort like feel.

“Adarsh developers give good open space.”

I stay in Daffodils. The kind of open space they’ve given in daffodils is quite amazing because very few builders give that kind of open space.

“Everything matches international standards”

There are three things. First are the swimming pools that you have. Not seen any other apartment with so many swimming pools. There are four and one indoor which is heated. And then the badminton court. There are seven of them and they are really international level, and really good quality. Then the third one would be the gym.

“Facilities are amazing”

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