Adarsh Palm Meadows Customer Review

December 5th, 2017

“It replicated the lifestyle that we were used to in the US.”

We had decided to return back home from the United States, and when we came to Bangalore we looked at a few properties here. When I first came to Adarsh Palm Meadows, when I entered, it was a surreal feeling. It was just like the lifestyle we were used to in the US for so long. Everything from the front gate to all the villas; their maintenance; the people who came to live in here; the clubhouse; the amenities; the list of things I like is endless. I think it’s amazing how people of all kinds are still drawn to Palm Meadows, irrespective of how many years it’s been now. I think Adarsh Developers would always have that edge over other builders, always, for sure.

“It’s definitely built to international standards.”

Palm Meadows was one of the earliest hi-end gated community projects, and as a result it got very good publicity and international recognition. Adarsh’s reputation is built on the Palm Meadows project, which was quite unique for its time. So yes, they have created a very good brand that represents quality. The facilities here are good, they’re great for children. And it’s in close proximity to many shops, malls and night life. Adarsh’s marketing department also ensured that it was a win-win deal, and the financial transactions were smooth. I think this project is definitely of international standards but with Indian masala, I guess.

“Their quality stands out.”

The quality with which Adarsh executed this project is phenomenal. I have never seen such quality anywhere in any construction. All my interactions with Adarsh Developers have been very pleasant. The best thing I did in my life is I bought a home in Adarsh Palm Meadows.


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